Someone Who Understands the Startup Space

You maybe looking for a logo designer and chances are you’ve found a bunch with a good, but varied portfolio.

Intentional Design

Intentional Design

Will your customers feel as if your products are made for them?

Better Impact

Better Impact

By specifically designing for your audience, you`ll better resonate with their desires.

Goal Based

Goal Based

You show me your goals, and I’ll help you increase your chances of success.


Your entrepreneur mind should be used for MUCH more productive activities than figuring out which font-kerning to use for your next webinar.

If that sounds like French to you, it`s because that`s MY job.


Sure you save money outsourcing to cheaper options, but your product looks and feels cheap as well.

Say the stars align and you find the freelancers you need and best coordinate their efforts, they'll patch together some semblance of a brand and it might even look half decent.

Stop wasting your time.

Before and After

Before-and-After-for-Mark-1-(-medium-) Before-and-After-for-Mark-2-(-medium-)



My job is to handle every step of the process in order for you to simplify your personal and business complexities.

Let me take care of the details.

Kickstarting Change

Mark created and launched Tribewanted, an eco-island in Fiji, which gained worldwide media attention including Good Morning America, Today Show and The New York Times.

He conducts and creates his projects for people who’ve already been through the merry go round..

Mark BownessMark Bowness Life Change Catalyst

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